The Greek civilization is arguably one of the most brilliant in the history of humankind. The importance of Greek culture on the developing of the Western world is paramount. Because of that, even today Ancient Greek is included in the curriculum of schools and universities in many countries. While some people may question the utility of learning an ancient language which is no longer spoken, we would like to point out three arguments in favor of studying Ancient Greek: the preservation of ancient literature and knowledge in the original; its function as international language in most branches of knowledge like science and law; the boost that knowing Ancient Greek gives in learning and understanding modern languages. Although many people may not realize it, Ancient Greek still exerts a great influence on modern languages. It has been calculated that 1 out of 4 English words come from Greek.

Ancient Greek classes involve an in-depth study of grammar, reading and translating of authentic classical texts. These lessons are more indicated for secondary school and university students.




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