Usually writing is the most difficult competence to develop for Greek learners as it needs a lot of practice and a good knowledge of the grammar. These lessons are addressed to those who wish to improve their writing skills in Greek for manifold reasons like studying or working in Greece or simply taking an exam or writing an essay. Interested in these lessons might be also people of Greek descent who, although can speak very well, are not able to write or read Greek, possibly due to the fact that they have learnt the language in an informal setting (usually by exposure at home or in the community) and not at school.

Written Greek lessons involve grammar reviewing, orthography, tense usage, vocabulary, reading and writing. Depending on your own aim, the tutor will focus on the writing style you need to improve: academical, business, daily language, language for tourism etc. After each class you will be assigned homework in the shape of grammar exercises, reading and written compositions.

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